When should I purchase my dress?

While certain designer’s time frames can vary, we strongly recommend that wedding gowns are ordered at least 9-12 months in advance of the wedding date. Waiting longer than this can result in additional Rush Fees or a delay in the gown’s arrival.

Bridesmaids and mothers are recommended to place their order no less than 6-9 months in advance. Flower girls and accessories are typically more flexible, but to be safe, 3 months or more is an ideal ordering time. All that being said, it is never too soon to find your perfect dress!

Is it okay to buy a dress at the first appointment?

This may seem like a funny to question to some, but we are asked this question more and more. The answer is simple: Yes! As the bridal industry has evolved in these last several years, there has been a significant change in how brides purchase their gown in that it has become much more complicated. If I can give a bride any advice, it is to go with your heart and don’t be afraid to fall in love with a gown. More often than not, our brides choose the first gown they love and say ‘I should have just gone with it in the first place, it would have been so much easier!’ and we whole-heartedly agree!

How many people can I bring with me to my appointment?

While there is not an actual limit on how many guests you can bring to your appointment, our larger seating area comfortably seats 5-6 guests and our smaller seating area comfortably seats up to 4 guests. All that said, it is strongly recommended that you limit your guests to only those few special people in your life who you are closest with so you’re able to enjoy yourself and keep a clear head.

Can we bring champagne for appointments?

Unfortunately, no. We cannot allow outside food and drink for the sake of our gowns and cleanliness, so we have to insist that customers not bring in champagne or other beverages as well as food. However, Lastrina Girls is extremely fortunate to be part of the fun and bustling downtown district of Middletown and encourage you to celebrate your special shopping day with a toast at one of our many neighboring restaurants!

I have bridesmaids in my party who live out-of-state, what should I do?

Many brides with out-of-state people in their party feel like they should automatically go to a national store for the sake of convenience, but that’s not the case. Here at Lastrina Girls we work with out-of-state parties on a daily basis and the process is actually much simpler than you expect! All we ask is that the person ordering the dress go to their local, most reputable dress shop or tailor to have their measurements taken, then just give us a call and we’ll take it from there! We also have a Measuring Guide to help assist in the process for anyone who needs it.

Trunk Show vs. Sample Sale... What's the difference?

People often confuse these two and it's easy to understand why. A trunk show is a special weekend which features a particular designer. For the trunk show weekend, the featured designer will loan us several more sample gowns for brides to have even more to choose from and they are typically on sale for that weekend. With a trunk show, brides are still ordering a brand new gown in the size and color of their choice.

Sample sales only feature sample gowns and dresses are sold as-is which means that we cannot change the size or color of the gown. While some ladies may be unsure of a sample gown because it has been tried on by other brides and may have some minor imperfections, here at Lastrina Girls, we take great pride in keeping our sample gowns in great condition and most have no imperfections at all!